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Nail Art Nail Wraps: Fashion at your fingertips

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bespoke nail wrapOne of the leading nail wrap suppliers in the UK “Now The Nails” lets you put whatever nail art design you want onto your nails. Simply upload a photo from your Facebook, webcam or a file on your computer and have your nail wraps produced and delivered to your door for free.

Say you're going out on a weekend, you’ve found the perfect dress , but you haven’t got time to have your nail art done to match, thanks to Now The Nails you now have an affordable solution. Now The Nails provides you with affordable nail wraps in UK. We offer a variety of nail art to ensure that you look and feel amazing, we even allow you to match the exact pattern or colour of your dress. These nail wraps replace conventional ways of designing nails and are so quick and easy to put on. No need to spend time visiting a salon to get them done, this will not only save you money and time but also allows you to choose any nail art design you want on your nails. The limit is your imagination.


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About Us

Now The Nails is a brand new brand, specialising in bespoke nail wraps. We use state of the art technology to digitally print any image you want on to your nail wraps. So with your great designs and our great wraps you will have the perfect nail for any occasion. Heat is not essential, they can be applied in a matter of minutes.

Our digital printing methods allow you to create designs that simply aren’t achievable with nail polish; the limit is your creativity! What’s more, you can say goodbye to chipped polish or stained nails; our nail wraps don’t leave a mark on your nail, nor do they chip and will give a smooth finish.


We also supply clear wraps with every purchase to protect your nails and give them that extra glossy shine. So if you’re looking for something special then Now The Nails is the perfect place to get them, for whatever occasion.

We supply you with wraps for both fingers and toes so you can be sure all of your nails will match your look; all you need to supply is your awesome design. You’ll have your nails in no time and with free delivery!

With Now the Nails, your life really is at your fingertips

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